Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson
Founder & CEO

Simon is a Strategic Qualitative Researcher with a proven track record of 30 years experience; understanding what makes consumers tick, the influence of the socio-cultural context, and translating these insights into actionable recommendations.

He moderates ECGs®, Focus Groups and IDIs in the UK and North America, and conducts projects around the world. He is also a keen Ethnographer.

Formerly MD at CRAM International and a Director of online sister agency QiQ International. Simon trained under Peter Cooper (Founder of CRAM), is a Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the MRS. He is a Board Member of the AQR (Former Chair), and Trustee of the AMSR.

He has written papers and presented at conferences on Country & Destination Branding, The Psychology of Branding and Communication, and the psychological origins of Qualitative Research; and has been a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Manufacturing (IfM) at Cambridge University since 2010.

Above all, he is a hands-on Qualitative Researcher with a love of Brands, Culture, and People, and a particular fascination with Country & Destination Branding.

Simon has been a member of ESOMAR since 1990.