By listening to and identifying what people really think & feel about your Brand, QRi uncover and deliver the Insights needed to gain & maintain competitive advantage in the Post-Pandemic World.

Founded by a Chartered Consumer Psychologist, QRi has over 30 years’ experience in UK & International Qualitative & QualiQuant® Research, with partners Worldwide.

As Specialists in Brand, Communication and Product Strategy & Tactics, QRi uncover the deeper motivations and behaviour of your consumers and customers. By translating these insights into actionable recommendations, QRi help your Brand gain that competitive edge.

QRi’s proven methods include QualiQuant®, Extended Creativity Groups™ (ECGs®), Focus Groups, Individual In-Depth Interviews, Online Semi-Structured Interviews, Retail Intercepts, Ethnography, and Lovemarker®.

QRi’s extensive sector experience includes Country & Destination Branding, Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Digital Technology, Luxury, Leisure & Lifestyle, Health & Wellbeing.

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