What do people really think and feel about your brand?

By getting ‘Inside the Consumer Mind’TM we deliver the insights you need to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

QRi Consulting have over 30 years’ experience in UK and International Qualitative research.  

We are proud of our pioneering and proprietary innovation QualiQuant® a fusion of qualitative techniques and quantitative rigour. 

We work with partners across the world to provide you with strategic and tactical insights into:

    • Consumer Motivations, Values, Needs and Aspirations
    • Brand Personality and Positioning
    • Communication Style and Tone of Voice
    • Product Innovation and Range Development

Whatever your sector, we can help. We’ve worked with clients in sectors as diverse as:

    • Automotive
    • Country and Destination Branding
    • FMCG
    • Health & Wellbeing
    • Leisure & Lifestyle
    • Luxury
    • Retail
    • Technology & Communication

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