QRi Consulting are proud to be FutureBrand’s global research partner since 2014 for the FutureBrand Index 2023, launched on the 20th September 2023.

Since 2014, the FutureBrand Index has reordered PwC’s Global Top 100 Companies by Market Capitalisation to instead reflect the strength of each company’s brand affinity.

Each year our survey data shows how perceptions of the world’s leading firms are changing and reveals which are setting themselves up for future success.

Our seemingly pragmatic survey respondents ranked top-performing companies high in areas such as having strong principles, acting ethically, having a clear sense of the future and inspiring change for the better. It is these criteria, as much as financial measures, which will mark the difference between those companies which sail past the purpose void and those which get drawn ever closer to it.

After falling out of our Top Five last year, Apple – a highly innovative firm providing the essential communication technology many people rely on every day – has stormed into first place. The tech firm’s stellar performance comes as consumer-facing brands rise back up the ranking after two years of decline.

Now in its tenth year, the 2023 report also provides a new ranking of companies leading the shift towards circular business models, as well as those seen to be good employers. As a potential recession continues to loom ominously on the horizon, we once again look at who is best placed to weather such a storm.

A spotlight is also cast on artificial intelligence – both the opportunities and the potential pitfalls, as this new era of purpose heightens the importance of ethics and corporate conscience.

The future is certainly bright, but as this year’s FutureBrand Index shows, only for those companies which can demonstrate what they stand for through clear actions that unquestionably impact everyday lives.

Click here to download report: https://www.futurebrand.com/uploads/Reports/The-FutureBrand-Index-2023.pdf