QRi’s unique & innovative QualiQuant® approach integrates the rigour and robustness of quantitative measures, statistical and multivariate analysis, together with specifically designed projective techniques and insightful qualitative analysis.

This enables us to measure emotional, as well as rational attitudes, responses and relationships with Brands, Communication, and Design.

We have been pioneering the fusion of Qual and Quant, developing the Art of Measuring Emotion since 1987, taking it online in 2000.

We have a suite of QualiQuant® tools which we tailor to our clients specific objectives, and have collaborative agreement with FutureBrand on their Future Brand Index (FBI) & Country Brand Index (CBI).

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To create a ‘Lovemark’, marketing strategy needs to increase love and respect for a brand by maximising your consumer’s emotional connection. Lovemarker® Research diagnoses how to achieve this.

Lovemarker® Research helps you understand your consumers relationship with your brand’s to help you develop innovation and communications strategies.

Lovemarker® was created as a fully diagnostic tool, designed to evaluate the in-depth emotional relationship consumers have with brands, using proven projective and enabling techniques.

The Lovemarker® tool is available at three diagnostic levels – each level going deeper into understanding perceptions of, and the relationship with your brand(s).

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Lovemarker®  was developed in 2002 by QiQ International®  (John Pawle, Peter Cooper, together with Simon Patterson & others) and is wholly owned by QRi Consulting.

Lovemarker®  was developed to validate the Lovemarks theory and is featured in Kevin Roberts’ books ’The Future Beyond Brands – Lovemarks ‘ (2004) and ‘The Lovemarks Effect – Winning the Consumer Revolution’ (2006).

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Lovemarker®  is a Registered Trademark QRi Consulting