Lovemarker® Research focuses on obtaining an in-depth understanding of the Consumer-Brand Relationship as it applies to the equity of the brand/s being examined. This is a fundamental step in reviewing brand strategy.  Lovemarker® designed to provide recommendations for the development of innovation and communications strategy for a brand.

To create a Lovemark, marketing strategy needs to focus on increasing Love and Respect for a brand. This is achieved by maximising the Consumer’s emotional connection with that brand. Lovemarker® Research focuses on diagnosing how to achieve this.

  • Lovemarker® was created as a fully diagnostic tool, designed to evaluate the in-depth emotional relationship consumers have with brands, using a number of proven projective and enabling techniques.
  • The Lovemarker® tool is available at 3 diagnostic levels – each level going deeper into understanding perceptions of, and the relationship with, Brands

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Lovemarker®  was developed by QiQ International (John Pawle and the late Peter Cooper, together with Simon Patterson & others), and is wholly owned by QRi Consulting (formerly QiQ International® and CRAM International®).

The Lovemarker® tool was originally developed by QiQ International®  in 2002 in order to validate the Lovemarks theory and is featured in Kevin Roberts’ books ’The Future Beyond Brands – Lovemarks ‘ (2004) and ‘The Lovemarks Effect – Winning the Consumer Revolution’ (2006).

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Lovemarker® is a Registered Trademark of QRi Consulting