Case Study – Platinum Guild International


THE QUEST– In early 2009 PGI conducted a review of its online strategy and the role of within it. The review showed that was well established. However:

  • The purpose of the site needed to be more clearly defined as an independent authority to inspire and educate consumers about platinum jewelry, not a commercial jewelry site
  • The full potential of the site was not being fully exploited
  • Traffic remained low, and the best strategy to drive traffic had yet to be defined
  • The site lacked interest and was no longer in line with the more emotional global brand promise that platinum was seeking to deliver

There were a number of issues that existed with, namely:

  • Confusion about its role – specifically the fact that it provided information only rather than an opportunity to purchase directly which was a consumer expectation;
  • Significant numbers of visitors across markets were leaving the site after viewing the Home page only;
  • Failure of the structure and content to match the intuitive consumer journey through the site due to lack of clarity about it’s purpose;
  • The fact that information that was unique to, like the impartial guides to buying platinum jewelry section, was being overlooked despite being it important and useful to consumers.