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Specialists in in-depth Qualitative and QualiQuant® market research. We help clients understand the psychology and motivations of their consumers, by getting ‘inside the consumer mind’, and also by measuring emotion, using in-depth projective techniques.

Working in areas as diverse as Automotive, Digital Technology, FMCG, Health and Wellbeing, Fragrance & Flavour and Country Branding, our tailor made approach includes:

• Brand development, Loyalty and Relationships.
• Corporate and Brand Identity, Image and Reputation.
• Communication Development and Evaluation.
• Product Innovation, Design and Sensory.
• Packaging Design.

Our proprietary methods include ECGs® (Extended Creativity Groups), Lovemarker®, Sensations® and BrandWorld®.

We bring alive consumer insights, identify gaps and needs, and optimise product, brand and communication strategy.